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‘Study Abroad’ is a dream for countless young people. The name of a reputed foreign university makes your resume stand out in the job market, both nationally and internationally. However, most admission seekers have no idea how to begin their journey. They identify the obstacles but do not have the solutions. Our team of experienced counsellors help naive students identify the road map to their dream university.

The team of counsellors helps you identify the courses in which you can get admission. The universities that offer these courses are shortlisted. They also guide you on the entrance exams that you need to write. They pay attention to the minute details in the admission process. In this way, they ensure a seat for you in a university abroad. So pick up your phone to know more about the Study Abroad program.

How will our assistance help you?

Search for the best course and university

Search for the best course and university

Every year we help many students find, compare and connect with colleges in foreign universities. We make your search simple and result oriented.


We assist you in understanding the facts and requirements

for each program and university. Our expertise is available for you right from an undergraduate program to a postgraduate degree or whether it's an MBA or a research program.

Student visa and application process

Student visa and application process made easy

with us! If you are the first one in your family to study abroad, feel relaxed with our information and guiding process. We will take you from the first step to the last one.

Take guidance on small things that matter much

Take guidance on small things that matter much.

Whether under graduation or post-graduation is the right time to study abroad. Which one to opt for, MBA or research? We understand the importance of these questions.

Get motivated

Get motivated

Articles & Guidance

Do you need help preparing for studying abroad? Check our articles, tips and advice on studying abroad.

Top 10 Ranking Universities

Shortlist the best universities. Check our list of top 10 official rankings.

Information on Foreign Countries

Read to understand what it is like to study abroad in various countries across the globe.

Test your Knowledge

We offer free tests to help you identify your strengths, which will inspire you to move ahead.

Free Career Counselling We are happy to help you 24/7

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study abroad?

When you study at a foreign university your horizons expand because of quality education and exposure to different cultures. It improves your resume too.

Who can study abroad?

Students with a good GPA (greater than 2) can study overseas to enhance their careers.

Where can I study?

It depends on your interests, budget and the career that you choose.

Can language be a barrier?

Yes, it can be. You have to improve your English language skills.

Can I get financial assistance to study abroad?

You can apply for the scholarships in the universities that you shortlist.

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