C++ Programming Course Overview

Our C++ Programming course is the ideal way to get started learning about C++ and its ideas. This C++ course will introduce students to the language's origins, common applications, advanced features, arrays, loops, switch statements, strings, pointers, and object-oriented programming principles via practical exercises.

The C++ programming certification offered by KVCH will prepare you to create high-performance software for any business, including web browsers and gaming engines.

  • C++ Object-Oriented Programming, Coding Styles, Design Patterns, Generic Programming, the Standard Template Library, Code Optimization, the C++ Compiler Toolchain, Standard Template Library Algorithms and Iterators, Hex Overview, and Debugging Options are just some of the new skills you'll be able to develop.
  • The TIOBE index now ranks C++ as the world's fourth most popular language. It finds use anywhere high-powered software is required.
  • C++ is used to develop several popular software applications and platforms, including many browsers and game engines.
  • Since many apps continue to slow down processing performance, C++ is still useful.
  • Given the severe absence of ecosystem support for many use cases in competing options like Rust, this is now one of the best choices for rapid applications.
  • Furthermore, there are substantial benefits to learning a language that requires active recall. Understanding how computers function will be a lot easier with the closeness to raw metal that C++ provides.
  • The C++ programming language was created as an expansion of the C language and may be used for a wide variety of programming tasks. Furthermore, this Scripting Language is used in the development of OSes, web browsers, and gaming among many other applications. C++ may be used for both procedural and object-oriented development. In C++, class support was a primary design goal.


After finishing this course, you will be able to:

  • Master C++'s data types, conditional statements and loops, multithreading, and exception handling
  • Learn everything about C++'s Classes, Objects, and other object-oriented programming concepts like Abstract, Final, etc.
  • Learn proper coding and design principles by looking at examples from the industry.
  • Improve the speed and reusability of your C++ programmes by optimising them.
  • Understand STL Algorithms and the Compiler Toolchain
  • Debugging C++ Programs
  • Participate in a wide variety of industry-relevant initiatives.

There are several career paths open to you after completing a programming course in C++. Those who are proficient in C++ programming might choose from a wide variety of careers. If you have the necessary skills, you may earn a lot of money working as a C++ programmer developer. Some possible careers are listed below.

  • Computer Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Game Developer
  • Junior Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • Lead Architect

  • In India, a C++ developer might make anything from 2 to 11 million rupees per year. The median salary is 5 million rupees.
  • C++ Developer salaries in India vary from 2 Lakhs to 11.6 Lakhs for those with 1 to 6 years of experience, with the median wage sitting at 5 Lakhs per year.
  • U.S.-based C++ programmers can expect to earn an average of $83,937 per year.

C++ is a powerful language that may be used for a wide variety of projects. You may use it to build anything from an OS to a database to a compiler. There is no better place to start learning how to code than with C++. Learning C++ will help you understand the inner workings of a computer, including its data storage and retrieval mechanisms. Knowing C++ will aid your studies of other programming languages that borrow heavily from it, such as Java and C.

As a structure-oriented language, C++ is aimed for developers with some experience in other languages. Because of its broad use by software developers, computer engineers, and embedded software engineers, it has become a vital part of the workflows of many manufacturers.

The top companies hiring C++ programmers are:

  • Talent Basket
  • Johnson Controls
  • Aikyne Technology
  • RADISE International
  • SLV Fortune Industries

If you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Take advantage of code-reuse and program-compression features.
  • Programs may be broken down into logical sections, and choices can be made depending on predetermined conditions, with the help of conditional statements.
  • Using looping statements may help simplify coding.
  • Make use of arrays for data storage.
  • The use of union and structures allows for the merging of various data types.
  • To allocate memory on the fly, specify initial values and references.
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C++ Programming Curriculum

  • Differences between C and C++
  • History of C++
  • Evolution of C++
  • C++ Versions
  • C++ 11 Features
  • What is C++?
  • Characteristics of C++
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  • What is Object-Oriented Programming?
  • Features of OOP
  • Why is C++ Partially Object-Oriented?
  • What are Classes?
  • What are Objects?
  • How to Access Data Members/Member Functions?
  • Class Members
  • C++ Access Modifiers
  • Types of Access Specifier
  • Public Access Modifier
  • Private Access Modifier
  • Protected Access Modifier
  • Static Variables and Functions
  • Static Functions
  • Static Members Function
  • What is a Constructor?
  • What is a Destructor?
  • What is a Default Constructor?
  • What is a Parameterized Constructor?
  • What are Generic Classes?
  • What are Generic Functions?
  • Creating Generic Functions
  • Types of Generic Functions
  • Overloading Generic Functions
  • What are Parameters?
  • What are Arguments?
  • Default Parameter
  • Multiple Parameter
  • Types of Argument Passing
  • Pass By Value
  • Pass By Reference
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  • What is a Clean Code?
  • How to write a Clean Code?
  • What is Design Pattern?
  • Types of Design Pattern
  • What is Design for Testing?
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  • What is Generic Programming?
  • Advantages of Generic Programming
  • What are Templates?
  • Implementing Generic Programming Linker Options
  • What is a Standard Template Library (STL)?
  • Components of STL
  • Containers
  • Types of Containers
  • Applications of Containers
  • What are Vectors?
  • Member Functions of Vectors
  • What is a Minimum Spanning Tree?
  • Kruskal’s Algorithm
  • Prim’s Algorithm
  • Applications of MS
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  • Optimization for Speed/Memory
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  • What is a Linker?
  • What is a Loader?
  • What is a Library?
  • What are Static Libraries?
  • What are Dynamic Libraries?
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  • What are STL Algorithms?
  • Implementation of STL Algorithms
  • Types of STL Algorithms
  • What are STL Iterators?
  • Types of Iterators
  • Implementation of Iterators
  • What are Functions?
  • Types of Functions
  • Function Declaration
  • Function Definition
  • Function Calling
  • Advantages of Functions
  • Functors in C++
  • What is Lambda Expression?
  • Example of Lambda Expression
  • Lambda Closures
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  • Hex-Overview
  • Implementation of Tic Tac Toe Game
  • What is Inheritance?
  • What are the different types of Inheritance?
  • What is a Virtual Function?
  • What is Binding?
  • What are Abstract Classes

  • Debugging options in C++
  • What is Static and Dynamic Code Analysis?
  • Debugger Options
  • C++ Code Profiling

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C++ Programming Features

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Upon finishing the course and the assigned tasks, you will be awarded a certificate from KVCH, recognising your accomplishment as a C++ Programming expert.

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There is a quiz at the end of each lesson that must be completed before the next lesson begins to test your understanding.

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C++ Programming Certification

Earn your certificate

On successful completion of the training, you are awarded with a Certificate in C++ Programming. The certificate is recognised by top companies and helps in career growth.

KVCH C++ Programming Certificate holders work at various companies like (TCS, Accenture, Infosys) etc.

Share your achievement

Once you get your certificate, you can share it on your online profiles like LinkedIn. Sharing your certification with your connections will help you acquire your dream job.

C++ Programming FAQs

How can one study C++ most effectively ?

C++ Certification Training from KVCH is the ideal training module for language mastery and professional advancement. We also give an abundance of free tutorials and articles that thoroughly cover the fundamentals of C++ and will help you get started.

What job advancement and prospects are available after studying C++ ?

If you have solid knowledge of C++, you can anticipate a prosperous career in software and application development.

What is the average salary for a Software Developer with C++ skill ?

The average salary for an application developer with C++ skills is $88,750 per year in the United States.

What abilities are required to master C++ Programming ?

Such a skill set is not necessary to grasp C++ programming. Operating System knowledge of a fundamental functional nature will be an asset while learning C++.

Who should participate in this C++ Certification Course ?

This C++ Programming Certification Course is open to anybody interested in learning high-performance application design. Additionally, this C++ Programming Certification Training is open to everyone who wants to learn the C ++language's techniques.

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