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courses available : 14

CSE /IT engineers has a bright future, with enormous amount of opportunities to choose from . Each year more than 30 million of students gets enrolled in higher education in India , and out of that 1.5 millions are graduate engineers. Every year millions of students are released in the market and only a few gets to land on their dream job. And therefore today 80 % of the engineers are unemployed.

In today’s competitive world , holding just a professional degree is not sufficient we provide you with the best of resources to learn new emerging technologies that will help you to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to keep you ahead in your career.



courses available : 3

For decades , ECE is one of the field that has been setting high standards for the whole industry . ECE works at the frontier of higher technology that requires them to have great knowledge of the emerging technologies . This field provide enormous job opportunities for the students and the growth and scope as an ECE engineer is endless.

Every year lacs of students gets enrolled in electronics and communication engineering , it becomes very difficult for students to compete with such masses by just holding a professional degree . now a days companies are looking for skilled and talented professionals to work with them .KVCH enables an individual to build competence through its high skilled resources in the field of electronics and communication.



courses available : 7

Mae engineers is the smart tribe who focuses on manufacturing of equipment. From researching, designing, developing to building this bunch of engineers deals with all aspect of the product. This field offer wide variety of job opportunities to individuals looking in the right direction.

As the demand for skilled mechanical engineers is increasing .it has become essential for mechanical engineering students as well as working professionals to upgrade themselves with the emerging technologies. KVCH provides you with various courses in MAE to stay ahead in the industry



courses available : 7

As infrastructure is going to age , demand for civil engineers will grow rapidly.A bachelor’s degree in civil enables students to learn the important components of construction . Students must possess the methods and procedures in order to perform required mathematical and statistical calculations . it is very necessary for students to get familiarized with various components of AutoCAD , Catia, PRO/E & many more.

KVCH civil program will help you to be a dynamic individual helping to design and build an environment for the mankind. As the industries is looking for more skillful individuals we help professionals to acquire skills and talent that are most important to the employers.



courses available : 3

Electrical industrial designers are the engineers who combine art , business and engineering to make everyday products . These bunch of people need to have a creative outlook in order to design and innovate products for the industry . it is very essential for individuals to develop right skills in order to sketch and perform CADD -computer-aided design and drafting

This field of technology offer endless opportunities for the individuals seeking to make a career in it. KVCH help individuals to acquire necessary skills and knowledge by allowing them to work on live projects while enhancing the experience of the candidates through the practical classroom sessions.



courses available : 1

BCA / BBA provides a strong bases for core business processes helping individuals to acquire the necessary disciplines and strategies to do business. The opportunities for students and graduates are vast. Right guidance and counseling can help students to achieve great successful careers.

In a world of technology where everything starts and ends with computers . Individuals pursuing BBA must strive to achieve an edge in their career by adopting various technologies alongside their course. KVCH helps students to stay ahead in technology and achieve greater heights and success in their fields of interest.


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