Business Accounting and Taxation Course Overview

In the field of accounting, business accounting and taxes have been the subject of intense competition. Individuals and organisations have progressively realised the significance of tax filing and recordkeeping. A BAT Certificate is really helpful in order to learn accounting and taxation.

  • Accounting and taxation methods and techniques have changed throughout time, making business accounting a more sophisticated and exact discipline.
  • Companies use Accounting and Taxation professionals to handle the company's finances and tax filings in relation to customers, suppliers, workers, inventory, etc.
  • There is a need for Accounting and Taxation experts among both individuals and organisations.
  • With the passage of time and increased awareness, a growing number of individuals appreciate the need of completing tax returns.
  • Because filing taxes may be a time-consuming process, the majority of individuals seek assistance from Accounting and Taxation specialists.

The Business Accounting and Taxation Course is developed for commerce and non-commerce graduates interested in obtaining a high-paying position. It is focused on applied learning in which you receive information and practical hands-on experience to prepare you for the workforce.

This course offers promising employment prospects. It offers candidates with a foundational understanding of taxes, finance, payroll regulations, indirect taxation, auditing, and analysis, among other topics. KVCH's Business Accounting and Taxation Course is a certified programme.

BAT Certification

When you enrol in our Business accounting and taxation course, you learn about the following:

  • A BAT course is an intense certification programme with a broad curriculum that consists of in-person and online lectures that gives students an in-depth understanding of Accountancy.
  • Students are provided with a well-rounded understanding of bookkeeping and accountancy via a combination of academic and practical information.
  • This course also includes formal instruction in the System Application Product (SAP), a system of modules that cover all aspects of Business Management.
  • Learning SAP is a valuable addition to your skill set, given its high demand in the Management industry.
  • A BAT training educates students with the skills and practises of Quickbooks Coaching software.
  • When it comes to preserving sensitive financial statements or data, this software is one of the most dependable resources in the Accounting industry.

A course in business accounting and taxation provides several job prospects. Those with knowledge of company accounting and taxes have a number of work opportunities accessible to them. If you have relevant expertise, a career as a BAT specialist pays highly. You can pursue the following professions:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Junior Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Auditing Assistant
  • Tax Assistant
  • Tax Manager
  • Accounting administrator

The discipline of company accounting and taxes is one of the many groundbreaking advancements in today's financially-driven world. Let us discuss the average salaries of BAT experts throughout the globe. Depending on their place of work, accounting and taxes specialists can earn anything from a modest livelihood to a comfortable fortune.

  • The entry-level salary after BAT course is around 2 Lakhs INR to 8 Lakhs INR p.a.
  • The average salary for a candidate qualified in Business Accounting and Taxation, based on their abilities and experience, ranges from 3 to 10 lakhs.
  • The estimated compensation also relies on the position you will take.

The business accounting and taxes course opens the road for graduates to obtain higher-paying positions with promising futures by providing applicants with a comprehensive understanding of taxation, finance, auditing, analyst, indirect taxation, etc.

  • It monitors the company's accounting so that better judgments may be made. It involves financial modelling, projections, budgeting, and estimations.
  • Taxes is a department that encompasses everything pertaining to tax authorities and tax laws, i.e., the rules and regulations governing various types of taxation.

With sheer commitment and endurance, it is possible to reach the pinnacle of a certain accounting profession if you have committed yourself fully to it. Since you have previously received professional training via the BAT course, you have established a solid foundation. With experience, you can refine your learning path to reach greater heights. There are many employment options in both the governmental and private sectors. Some of the best places to find BAT expert jobs in India are:

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst &Young (EY)
  • Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Expertise in business accounting and taxation is in high demand in all areas of business, from executive roles to entry-level jobs.

After obtaining your certification, you will be able to do the following:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of advanced accounting rules.
  • Acquire a working grasp of accounting utilising innovative software such as Tally.
  • Gain a thorough grasp of the GST taxation structure and its associated intricacies.
  • Learn the reporting methodology for MIS using Advanced Excel.
  • Expertise in Payroll and its policies
  • Acquire an understanding of financial audits and reporting.
  • Determine proficiency with Income Tax using Tally
  • Enhance your bookkeeping and accounting abilities
  • Introduce yourself to real-world business and its operations.
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Business accounting and Taxation Training Curriculum

This is India’s 1st GST Certification Course. It equips the learner with 360-degree insight on GST regulations. Learners will learn the basics of GST and other taxes. Get Comprehensive knowledge of GST concepts on supply, export & import, E-way bills. This course will guide you through all the provisions of GST for registration, and Laws regarding GST.

  • Gain basic knowledge about Tax, GST, Direct & Indirect Tax
  • Get Acquainted with the types of GST and Models of GST
  • Practice Destination Consumption and Origin-based GST
  • Acquire Knowledge about concepts and basics of GST
  • Get acquainted with GST concepts on supply, export & import, E-way bills
  • Know all the provision & Registration of GST
  • Develop Skills for GST Invoicing, Returns, and Refunds
  • Know the Laws regarding GST

  • Gain Comprehensive knowledge about Litigation Management
  • Know about the Income Tax Law assessment order
  • Acquire knowledge about the commissioner appeal filing and Income Tax appellate tribunal
  • Learn to handle TDS and manage TCS
  • Get knowledge about Income Tax, exemption, and Deduction
  • Know about the Capital Gains, its exemption & Deduction
  • Learn about Tax Audit, exemptions on Business Income
  • Get Acquainted with recent changes in Income Tax
  • Learn to file Income Tax return / Tax Audit, problems in return filing and Audit
  • Resolve doubts related to salary and residential status
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  • Acquire knowledge to analyze Balance Sheet
  • Prepare Balance sheet on Excel logically
  • Get an Overview of Indian GAAP and Ind AS and their application
  • Learn about the Comparative analysis of the provisions of depreciation in the Income Tax
  • Know the importance of Bank Reconciliation Statement And Deferred Tax
  • Learn Comprehensively about the grouping of heads of income and expenses
  • Acquire skills to read financial statements of a company

  • Learn the Basics of Tally ERP 9
  • Acquire Knowledge about Tally ERP 9 and Inventory management
  • Develop skills for Accounting Management through Advanced Tally ERP 9
  • Manage Production and Stock through Tally ERP 9
  • Get acquainted with the basics of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
  • Know Comprehensively about Payroll Management in Tally ERP 9
  • Get acquainted with Tally ERP 9 and GST compliance
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  • Gain basic knowledge of MS Excel
  • Work flawlessly with the Basic Excel Function
  • Understand the Advanced Excel Functions and work with it
  • Get introduced to Lookup Functions
  • Learn the essential functions of Excel and the Pivot Table
  • Know the basics of VBA and its analysis
  • Acquire knowledge about Power Query and User-Defined Functions
  • Get Acquainted with the Basics of Advanced Excel
  • Acquire Knowledge of Advanced VBA
  • Learn to work with Advanced Excel Functions

  • Acquire Knowledge on Payroll Management in salary components, attendance Management system
  • Get acquainted with Labour Law Statutory compliance, Provident Fund, Professional Tax, and more
  • Acquire skills on Tax saving Investment such as Housing Loan, LTA, HRA, and more
  • Gather Information regarding Payroll inputs & Payroll system
  • Verify the Payroll checking
  • Prepare Statutory Reports, PF, ESI, PT, TDS, and more
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  • Business Communication
  • Preparation for the Interview
  • Presentation Skills

  • Resume Writing
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Business accounting and Taxation Training Features

Instructor-led Live SessionsInstructor-led Live Sessions

KVCH experts with in-depth knowledge create a focused learning environment by presenting learners with real-world industry problems and focusing on solutions.

Live Training SessionsLive Training Sessions

During our certified training, seasoned instructors and industry experts conduct remote sessions to share their extensive knowledge with the learners.

Flexible Curriculum Flexible Curriculum

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 Expert Support Expert Support

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Certification Certification

Upon finishing the course and the assigned tasks, you will be awarded a certificate from KVCH, recognising your accomplishment as a Business accounting and Taxation expert.

Assignments Assignments

There is a quiz at the end of each lesson that must be completed before the next lesson begins to test your understanding.

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Business accounting and Taxation Training Certification

Earn your certificate

On successful completion of the training, you are awarded with a Certificate in Business accounting and Taxation. The certificate is recognised by top companies and helps in career growth.

KVCH Business accounting and Taxation Certificate holders work at various companies like (TCS, Accenture, Infosys) etc.

Share your achievement
Once you get your certificate, you can share it on your online profiles like LinkedIn. Sharing your certification with your connections will help you acquire your dream job.

Business accounting and Taxation Training FAQs

What is a BAT course ?

BAT course refers to a course in business accounting and taxes. The objective of the course is to provide commerce and non-commerce graduates with an in-depth grasp of accounting, taxes, finance, audits, and analysis in order to prepare them for high-paying employment with solid career prospects.

How does a BAT course help in Career growth ?

BAT certification might be a game-changer for your job opportunities in the marketplace. A business accounting taxes course may provide novices with the core knowledge necessary to establish their way in the field. A Business Accounting and Taxation Course will enhance the employment chances of working professionals who are already in the workforce. In-depth practical acquisition and training in the areas of accounting, taxes, and finance, as well as functional understanding of accounting software such as Tally, will give you the edge you need to win high-paying employment with the leading MNCs.

Can a BAT course be joined after 12th ?

The BAT course is generally designed for college graduates, notably business graduates. Since BAT is equivalent to a postgraduate accounting degree, all graduates are eligible to enrol. The course seems to be easier and more effective for graduates with a background in business, since it delves into the complexities of accounting and taxes.

Is the BAT course recognised in India ?

Yes, definitely! BAT course is an internationally renowned curriculum in India and abroad. This course is a highly efficient curriculum for ambitious company accountants, financial professionals, and tax specialists. It is comparable to a postgraduate degree.

Is the BAT course worth investing in ?

A huge YES! The course provides a ground-breaking opportunity to pick from a vast array of career paths based on your expertise. Having a firm grasp of three significant topics provides you an advantage in the competitive market. After completing this course in business accounting and taxation, you will be qualified to work in both the public and private sectors.

Business accounting and Taxation Training Training Reviews

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  • Opportunities for team building.
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