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6 weeks industrial training in web designing in Noida

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Web designing has become a significant part today in the IT industry.  If you have an interest in designing websites, you start your career in web development by joining 6 week summer industrial training in website designing which is good direction to safeguard your future.  KVCH is a globally recognized training provider rendering best summer training in web designing in Noida under the guidance of the industry experts.

There is no prerequisite or any prior knowledge is required to get summer training in web designing. This course will render students with the knowledge and skills required to start a career as a web designer. Our dedicated trainers provide live-project based training in web designing using the latest versions of the software. Our summer industrial internship in web designing aims at transforming students from a beginner into a skilled and expert web developer in just 6 weeks.

We are known as the best 6 weeks web designing summer industrial training center in Noida by providing fundamental as well as basic knowledge of web development. Our trainer provides authentic industrial exposure by rendering hands-on training with real-time projects. Aspirants will learn website designing from scratch from basic development to the deployment. We render a globally recognized certificate to every student to build a lucrative career. We also provide 100 placement assistance to the aspirants after the completion of the 6/4 summer industrial internship in web designing.


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Course Description

    • HTML
    • Intro To Websites
    • Role of Web Designer
    • HTML Tags
    • HTML Attributes
    • HTML Headings
    • HTML Block and Inline elements;
    • HTML Doctype
    • HTML List
    • HTML Image
    • HTML Hyperlink
    • HTML Iframes
    • HTML Entities
    • HTML Form
    • HTML Table
    • HTML Meta tags
    • CSS
    • CSS Introduction
    • CSS Selectors
    • CSS Screen and Print Media
    • CSS Layouts
    • CSS Fixed Layout
    • CSS Liquid Layout
    • CSS color codes
    • CSS Text & Fonts Properties
    • CSS Margin
    • CSS Padding
    • CSS Border
    • CSS Outline
    • CSS Float
    • CSS Clear
    • CSS Lists
    • Pseudo Class
    • Pseudo Elements
    • CSS Backgrounds
    • CSS Display
    • CSS Positions
    • CSS Drop Down Menu
    • Adobe Photoshop Intro
    • Photoshop Tools
    • Photoshop Layers
    • Photoshop Filters
    • Wireframing Tools
    • Photoshop Grids
    • 12 Grid Layout
    • Photoshop PSDs
    • PSD To HTML (Pixel Perfect Layout)