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The term Machine learning was coined by Arthur Samuel. Machine learning as defined by him is a field of study which facilitates the computer to learn without being specifically programmed. Machine learning focuses on developing enhanced programs that can learn from past experiences. It is one of the most exciting technologies and aims to build intelligent machines that draw decisions from data and application of statistical techniques. KVCH offers 6 weeks of industrial summer training in machine learning under the guidance of the industry experts.

KVCH is an eminent training provider offering best machine learning summer industrial training in Noida. We have a team of expert trainers with many years of experience providing Live-project training on machine learning. The students get in-depth theoretical as wells as practical knowledge of the technology. The students will gain knowledge of data mining, statistical pattern recognition, supervised and unsupervised training and latest practices in machine learning. We provide students with real-time industry exposure by working on real-time project guided by dedicated trainers. With this machine learning summer training, we aim to provide skilled professionals to the industry who are trained with hands-on training. We transform the students into competent and experienced professionals ready to start a career. We offer guaranteed placement assistance along with the globally recognized certification after the completion of training.


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Course Description

Industrial Training in Machine Learning is a modular 6 weeks course. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Machine Learning comprises of

      Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

    • Techniques of Machine Learning
    • Data Preprocessing
    • Math Refresher
    • Regression
    • Classification
    • Unsupervised learning - Clustering
    • Introduction to Deep Learning
    • To get the prior idea about the Loop functions and debugging tools
    • To learn running non-parametric tests