6 weeks iOS Summer training Institute in Noida

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At KVCH, we foster the future of technology by enhancing the skills and abilities of each individual to prepare them as per the industry requirement. We at KVCH are responsible for providing technologies that leverages business processes. We offer 6 weeks summer training in iOS for students which is a fully job oriented project based training that enables students to work on Live projects from the industry. We provide iOS certification training in Noida for students as well as for working professionals.

We are providing Best iOS course in noida that can be a turning point for all the students who has undergone B.tech, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA course and many more. In this age of computers and technology it's nearly impossible to get JOBS with just degrees or diplomas. One must be able to understand and have deep knowledge in at least one of the relevant technologies that is a part of under networking, programming, internet technologies, HR, Finance & accounting software etc. For students to develop the skills as required by the industry KVCH provides the best iOS summer training in noida with fully equipped labs and other resources.

KVCH India program builds a powerful training tool that can be implemented in classrooms as well as in the industry. We offer wide range of programs for 4-6 weeks summer training under the guidance of the best industrial experts.

We are proud to be awarded each year as the best iOS summer training institute in Noida. KVCH provides the best 4-6 weeks summer training program in delhi and NCR and is able to excel in domain as the result of the team's painstaking efforts.

Project based summer training in iOS in Noida focuses on real-time to provide assistance in job. Six weeks iOS training program is designed to provide an experience of the industry for the students and assist them to start with their careers as professionals. Our team of expert senior trainers work together with hands-on experience on LIVE project that comes from various different industries domains.

At KVCH, we help you choose your career properly with the right iOS training, you can be assured that you are on the right career path.The participants of training will get familiarized with various essential components of iOS with real time projects and in no time the program will help to transform the participants from students into successful iOS developers.


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Course Description

Industrial Training in iOS is a modular 6 weeks course. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in iOS comprises of

    • 1 - Introduction and Setup
    • Start Here
    • Joining the Apple iOS Developer Program
    • Installing Xcode and the iOS SDK
    • A Guided Tour of Xcode
    • An Introduction to Xcode Playgrounds
    • 2 - Swift Programming Language
    • Swift Data Types, Constants, and Variables
    • Swift Operators and Expressions
    • Swift Flow Control
    • The Swift Switch Statement
    • An Overview of Swift Functions
    • The Basics of Object Oriented Programming in Swift
    • An Introduction to Swift Subclassing and Extensions
    • Working with Array and Dictionary Collections in Swift
    • Understanding Error Handling in Swift
    • 3 - Views, Layouts, and Storyboards
    • Creating an Interactive iOS App
    • An Introduction to Auto Layout in iOS
    • Working with iOS Auto Layout Constraints in Interface Builder
    • An iOS Auto Layout Example
    • Implementing iOS Auto Layout Constraints in Code
    • Implementing Cross-Hierarchy Auto Layout Constraints in iOS
    • Understanding the iOS Auto Layout Visual Format Language
    • Using Size Classes to Design Adaptable Universal iOS User Interfaces
    • Using Storyboards in Xcode
    • Organizing Scenes over Multiple Xcode Storyboard Files
    • Using Xcode Storyboards to Create an iOS Tab Bar Application
    • Working with the iOS Stack View Class
    • An iOS Stack View Tutorial
    • An iOS Split View Master-Detail Example
    • A Guide to Multitasking in iOS
    • An iOS 9 Multitasking Example
    • Implementing a Page based iOS Application using UIPageViewController
    • An Example iOS UIPageViewController Application
    • 4 - Data Storage with Files, iCloud, and Databases
    • Working with Directories in Swift on iOS
    • Working with Files in Swift on iOS
    • iOS Directory Handling and File I/O in Swift – A Worked Example
    • Preparing an iOS App to use iCloud Storage
    • Managing Files using the iOS UIDocument Class
    • Using iCloud Storage in an iOS Application
    • Synchronizing iOS Key-Value Data using iCloud
    • iOS Database Implementation using SQLite
    • An Example SQLite based iOS Application using Swift and FMDB
    • Working with iOS Databases using Core Data
    • An iOS Core Data Tutorial
    • An Introduction to CloudKit Data Storage on iOS
    • An iOS CloudKit Example
    • An iOS CloudKit Subscription Example
    • 5 - Touch, Taps, and Gestures
    • An Overview of iOS Multitouch, Taps and Gestures
    • An Example iOS Touch, Multitouch and Tap Application
    • Detecting iOS Touch Screen Gesture Motions
    • Identifying Gestures using iOS Gesture Recognizers
    • An iOS Gesture Recognition Tutorial
    • An iOS 3D Touch Force Handling Tutorial
    • An iOS 3D Touch Quick Actions Tutorial
    • An iOS 3D Touch Peek and Pop Tutorial
    • 6 - Advanced View Options
    • Basic iOS Animation using Core Animation
    • iOS UIKit Dynamics – An Overview
    • An iOS UIKit Dynamics Tutorial
    • An Introduction to iOS Sprite Kit Programming
    • An iOS Sprite Kit Level Editor Game Tutorial
    • An iOS Sprite Kit Collision Handling Tutorial
    • An iOS Sprite Kit Particle Emitter Tutorial
    • An iOS 9 MapKit Flyover Tutorial
    • 7 - Extensions
    • An Introduction to Extensions in iOS
    • An iOS Today Extension Widget Tutorial
    • Creating an iOS Photo Editing Extension
    • Creating an iOS Action Extension
    • Receiving Data from an iOS Action Extension
    • 8 - Multimedia, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Accessing the iOS Camera and Photo Library
    • An Example iOS Camera Application
    • iOS Video Playback using AVPlayer and AVPlayerViewController
    • An iOS Multitasking Picture in Picture Tutorial
    • Playing Audio on iOS using AVAudioPlayer
    • Recording Audio on iOS with AVAudioRecorder
    • 10 - The App Store
    • Preparing and Submitting an iOS Application to the App Store