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KVCH is 26 years experienced, prominent training provider rendering six weeks project-based summer industrial training in Noida in various technologies.  Artificial intelligence enables to build programs, intelligent machine sand robots that can act and think in a way as humans do. This term was first coined by John Mccarthy in the year 1956. Artificial intelligence comprises of the techniques that enable machines to learn from experience to perform the targeted task. Today we can see AI everywhere around us in our daily lives such as music playlist recommendations and suggesting the estimated time for the arrival of Uber rides. It is one of the fastest growing technologies involving several disciplines such as computer science, Biology, mathematics, and engineering. You can join Artificial Intelligence summer training to become proficient in this technology.

KVCH provides the best artificial intelligence summer industrial training in Noida. The students get theoretical as well as the practical implication of its concepts under the guidance of our industry experts. We have expert trainers who are best in the industry providing live-project training on artificial intelligence. The dedicated trainers render authentic industrial exposure by training students by working on real-time projects. The demand for candidates with the knowledge of AI is very high in the present market and companies are offering high salary packages to the eligible candidates. This artificial intelligence summer training transforms the students to be able to join the industry as a trained professional and ready to start a career. After the completion of training, students are rewarded with a globally recognized certificate. We also provide 100% placement assistance to all our students.


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Course Description

Industrial Training in Artificial Intelligence is a modular 6 weeks course. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Artificial Intelligence comprises of

      Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    • Decoding Artificial Intelligence
    • Meaning, Scope, and Stages Of Artificial Intelligence
    • Three Stages of Artificial Intelligence
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence
    • Image Recognition
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Examples
    • Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Society
    • Supervises Learning for Telemedicine
    • Solves Complex Social Problems
    • Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    • Meaning of Machine Learning
    • Relationship between Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis
    • Process of Machine Learning
    • Types of Machine Learning
    • Meaning of Unsupervised Learning
    • Meaning of Semi-supervised Learning
    • Algorithms of Machine Learning
    • Regression
    • Naive Bayes
    • Naive Bayes Classification
    • Machine Learning Workflow
    • Learning Objective
    • Get more data
    • Ask a Sharp Question
    • Add Data to the Table
    • Check for Quality
    • Transform Features
    • Performance Metrics
    • Need For Performance Metrics
    • Key Methods Of Performance Metrics
    • Confusion Matrix Example
    • Terms Of Confusion Matrix
    • Minimize False Cases
    • Minimize False Positive Example