Live Project Based STAAD.PRO 6 months training in Noida

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Six Months STAAD.PRO Training in Noida includes from basic to advance level modules designed for both students and working professionals.

Globalization has brought up with new opportunities in the market creating a pool of jobs for the graduate students. In order to hold up with the everyday growing demand the universities holds the responsibilities to produce students with excellent skills and experience.

6 Months Based STAAD.PRO Training Course in Noida is very essential to make student who is pursuing MCA, B.Tech, BCA, BBA, MBA course and they should be aware of the real working environment in industries and to prepare them to handle any kind of obstacles that occur. It is a roadway that allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge practically and opens door to new opportunities. At KVCH, we assure that the performance of each student is up to the standards of the IT industry.

At KVCH once the student opts for 6 months STAAD.PRO Training they get to experience the real working environment of the IT industry. Our team of expert senior trainers work together to ensure the development of set of skills for each individual. Our experts with hands-on experience on the technology and working experience makes sure to deliver the best to the students while working on LIVE project.

KVCH is the renowned 6 months STAAD.PRO Training Center in Noida providing world class education to students.


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Course Description

Industrial Training in STAAD.PRO is a modular 6 months course. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in STAAD.PRO comprises of


    • Understanding STAAD Pro Way
    • What are Nodes, Beams and Plates?
    • How things are done in the Input file?
    • Geometry Creation Methods
    • Method 1: Using Structure Wizard
    • Things you can do in Structure Wizard
    • Method 2: Drafting the Geometry using Snap/Grid
    • Viewing
    • Selecting
    • Using Selecting While Viewing 3D Geometry
    • Method 3: Using Copy/Cut with Paste
    • Method 4: Using Spreadsheet (Excel) Copy and Paste
    • Method 5: Using DXF importing file function
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Useful Function to Complete the Geometry

    • Introduction
    • Translational Repeat
    • Circular Repeat
    • Mirror
    • Rotate
    • Move
    • Insert Node
    • Add Beam Between Mid-Points
    • Add Beam by Perpendicular Intersection
    • Connect Beams along an Axis
    • Intersect Selected Members
    • Cut Section
    • Renumber
    • Delete
    • Undo/Redo
    • Zooming/Panning
    • Dimensioning
    • Pointing to Nodes, Beams, and Plates
    • Global and Local Coordinate System
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Properties

    • Introduction
    • Property Types
    • Type 1: Prismatic
    • Viewing Cross-Section
    • Type 2: Built-In Steel Table
    • Type 3: Thickness
    • General Notes about Property Assigning
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Constants, Supports, and Specifications

    • Introduction
    • Material Constants
    • Geometry Constant
    • Supports
    • How to Assign Supports
    • Editing Supports
    • Specifications
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Loading

    • Introduction
    • How to Create Primary Load
    • Individual Loads: Introduction
    • Individual Loads: Selfweight
    • Individual Loads: Members Loads
    • Individual Loads: Area Load
    • Individual Loads: Floor Load
    • Individual Loads: Plate Loads
    • Individual Loads: Node Load
    • Individual Loads: Viewing & Editing
    • How to Create Manual Combinations
    • How to Create Automatic Combinations
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Analysis

    • Introduction
    • Perform Analysis Command
    • P-Delta Analysis Command
    • Non-Linear Analysis Command
    • The Execution Command
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Post Processing

    • Introduction
    • First Step
    • Node Displacement
    • Node Reactions
    • Beam Forces
    • Beam Stresses
    • Beam Graphs
    • Plate Contour
    • Plate Results Along Line
    • Animation
    • Reports
    • Other Ways: Double-Clicking a Beam
    • Other Ways: Double-Clicking a Plate
    • Workshop
    • Module Review
    • Concrete Design

    • Introduction
    • Modes of Concrete Design
    • Step 1: Job Info
    • Step 2: Creating Envelopes
    • Step 3: Creating Members
    • Step 4: Creating Briefs
    • Step 5: Creating Groups
    • Step 6: Design Modes
    • Step 7: Reading Results: Beam Main Layout
    • Step 8: Reading Results: Beam Main Rft
    • Step 9: Reading Results: Beam Shear Layout
    • Step 10: Reading Results: Beam Shear Rft
    • Step 11: Reading Results: Beam Drawing
    • Step 12: Reading Results: Column Main Layout
    • Step 13: Reading Results: Column Shear Layout
    • Step 14: Reading Results: Column Results
    • Step 15: Reading Results: Column Drawing
    • Step 16: Reading Results: Generating Design Reports
    • Steel Design

    • Introduction
    • Step 1: Load Envelope Setup
    • Step 2: Member Setup
    • Step 3: Change the Restraints
    • Step 4: Creating Briefs
    • Step 5: Creating Design Groups
    • Steel Design Commands in STAAD Pro
    • Workshop & Module Review