Live Project Based Big Data Hadoop 6 months training in Noida

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KVCH India program builds a powerful training tool that can be implemented in classrooms as well as in the industry. We offer wide range of programs for Live Project 6 Months Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida under the guidance of the best industrial experts. We are continuously awarded for the past 10 years as the Best 6 months Big Data Hadoop training Institute in Noida.

Six Months Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida includes from basic to advance level modules designed for both students and working professionals.

Globalization has brought up with new opportunities in the market creating a pool of jobs for the graduate students. In order to hold up with the everyday growing demand the universities holds the responsibilities to produce students with excellent skills and experience.

6 Months Based Big Data Hadoop Training Course in Noida is very essential to make student who is pursuing MCA, B.Tech, BCA, BBA, MBA course and they should be aware of the real working environment in industries and to prepare them to handle any kind of obstacles that occur. It is a roadway that allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge practically and opens door to new opportunities. At KVCH, we assure that the performance of each student is up to the standards of the IT industry.

At KVCH once the student opts for 6 months Big Data Hadoop Training they get to experience the real working environment of the IT industry. Our team of expert senior trainers work together to ensure the development of set of skills for each individual. Our experts with hands-on experience on the technology and working experience makes sure to deliver the best to the students while working on LIVE project.

KVCH is the renowned 6 months Big Data Hadoop Training Center in Noida providing world class education to students.


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Course Description

Industrial Training in Big Data Hadoop is a modular 6 months course. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Big Data Hadoop comprises of


    • Basics of Big data
    • Big Data ganaration
    • Big Data Introduction
    • Big Data Architecture
    • Understand Big data Problem
    • Big data Management Approch
    • treditional and Current Data storing approch
    • Understand various data formats and data units
    • Big data With Industry Requirments
    • Big Data Chalanges

    • Understand Hadoop Enviorment
    • requirment of hadoop
    • Importance of Data Analytics
    • Setting up hadoop Enviorment
    • Hadoop advantages over RDMS

    • Explaining Various file systems
    • Hdfs GFS, POSIX, GPFS
    • explain clustring methetology
    • Master Nodes and slave nodes

    • Working on hdfs File System
    • Creating lib and accessing lib from HDFS
    • hadoop commands make dir,delete dir etc
    • working with web console

    • Introduction of Map Reduce
    • mapreduce programming and word count
    • mapreduce nodes job tracker and task tracker
    • running Mapreduce program through web console

    • Introduction of JAQL Approch
    • Understand information stream
    • Understand Information ocean
    • Working with JAQL Language

    • Understand Data Ware Housing
    • Requirement of Data Ware housing
    • Data Ware housing with Hive
    • Understand Hive environment
    • working with Hive Query Language
    • Perform DDL approach Through Hive
    • Perform DML approach through Hive

    • Introduction of PIG
    • Requirement of Pig
    • Working with pig Script
    • Running and managing Pig Script
    • Perform Streaming Data Analytics through PIG
    • Pig Advantages and Disadvantages

    • Understand Flume methodology
    • Requirement of flume
    • flume advantages
    • working lab with flume
    • introduction of Sqoop
    • Requirement of sqoop
    • advantages of sqoop

    • Introduction of BIG R
    • Advantages of BIG R
    • Working Lifecycle of ozie
    • understand ozie data flow
    • ozie setup and requirement
    • understand ozie scheduling