Live Project Based Java training in Delhi

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KVCH provides the best training in Java in Delhi, that helps an individual to gain advantage in the industry and secure the best opportunities in the market. Java training program is designed for both students and working professionals to gain insight and experience the world of technology.

There is an increase in demand for the software engineers and companies are looking to hire the best candidates in the market. Being professionally qualified and skilled in a technology provide a candidate with better chances to land on their dream jobs.

KVCH has well-equipped resources and high tech infrastructure that enables the student to take lead in the industry by working on LIVE projects . Also students get to work on the latest Live projects under the guidance of our technology experts.

The training provides a career edge to the students and working professional who looking for great career growth. As the competition in the industry its extensive it becomes essential for the aspirants to upgrade themselves regularly as per the changing needs of the industry.


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Course Description

      Core Java

    • Java OOPS concepts, need for Java
    • Classes and interfaces
    • Objects, Constructor, fields, methods, variables, keywords
    • Inheritance, method overloading and overriding, access specifiers
    • jar file, javadocapi creation
    • Package, comparing and printing objects
    • final variable and initializing
    • Bitwise operations, operators, data types
    • Generic types, Date, Calendar, Joda
    • Inner, anonymous classes
    • String, String Buffer, Regular Expressions, arrays, switch statement
    • Exception, Reflection, Clone, Assertion
    • File Handling, IO package classes
    • Enum type
    • Multi-threading, concurrency
    • Data structures, Collection framework, sorting
    • JDBC, SQL, database concepts, drivers
    • J2EE

    • Sockets, remote communication
    • Servlets, Webserver, http methods
    • RMI, networking
    • JavaServer Pages(JSP), JSTL
    • Java Cryptography, encryption
    • Java mail, cryptographic protocols
    • JMS
    • XML
    • Spring

    • CSpring Framework, IoC, Dependency Injection
    • Spring Containers : BeanFactory, ApplicationContext
    • XmlBeanFactory, ClassPathXmlApplicationContext,FileSystemXmlApplicationContext
    • Spring scope : singleton and prototype
    • Bean Life Cycle : setup and tear down, init-method and destroy-method
    • BeanPostProcessor
    • Spring Bean definition inheritance
    • Dependency Injection: Through Constructor, setter method
    • Injecting Collection, inner bean
    • Bean Autowiring: by name, by type, by constructor
    • Annotation : Injection required true/false
    • Autowiring : setter, property, constructor, qualifier, Component, life cycle
    • Spring Wiring, loose coupling
    • Spring DAO

    • JDBCTemplate, queryForObject
    • PreparedStatementCreator
    • PreparedStatementSetter
    • DataSource
    • Spring AOP

    • Advices: Before, After returning, After throwing, Around
    • Spring Boot

    • Define the characteristics of a RESTful web service
    • Test a REST web service using cURL or Postman
    • Create a REST web application using Spring Boot
    • Deploy a REST Spring Boot application
    • Run and test a REST Spring Boot application
    • Spring MVC

    • Model-Vew-Controller
    • Controller, command class, validator
    • FormController
    • ExceptionResolver, ViewResolver
    • MVC annotations: @Controller, @RequestMapping, @ExceptionHandler
    • Hibernate

    • ORM, JDBC to hibernate transition, POJO to DB mapping
    • Hibernate Config file, class annotation , associations
    • Persistence
    • Session, SessionFactory, Transaction
    • Spring and Hibernate
    • JPA

    • Java Persistence API
    • Entities
    • Primary Key, Persistent Fields in Entities
    • Entity Inheritance
    • Entity Manager
    • Managing Entities
    • JPQL
    • WebServices

    • Service-Oriented Architecture
    • XML, SOAP over HTTP
    • Web Services Description Language ÔÇô WSDL
    • Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
    • Representational State Transfer - RESTfulWebservices
    • SQL

    • DBMS, Table, Column, Row
    • Constraints, Primary, Foreign, Unique keys
    • Queries, DML, select, update, insert
    • DDL, create, alter, drop
    • DCL, Data Control Language, Grant, Invoke
    • Transactional Control Language, Commit, Rollback
    • HTML

    • Elements,Attributes, Paragraphs, Headings & Styles
    • Links, Images, Classes & lists
    • Create simple static web pages,colours,backgrounds
    • Create and Work on Forms
    • Tables and Frames
    • Logical tags
    • Responsive UI
    • HTML5
    • CSS

    • Borders
    • Backgrounds
    • Font, text-effect
    • Animations
    • JavaScript

    • Elements of JavaScript Program
    • JavaScript Statements
    • Functions
    • Objects
    • Array
    • Events
    • Time Outs