Live Project Based HMI, Drives and Networking training in Delhi

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KVCH provide world class training in HMI , Drives and Networking in Delhi , . With the best infrastructure and high-tech technology , the project based training allows students and working professional to gain hands-on experience.

As the industry leaders , KVCH from the past 10 years has joined hands with many prestigious organization to create an environment for aspirants looking to innovate and influence the IT industry. We have expert team who guide the students and working professionals regarding various job opportunities in the market . We provide assistance and support to all KVCH students for placement .We have excellent placement records , and that has made us as the Best HMI , Drives and Networking training institute in Delhi , .

The course curriculum for HMI , Drives and Networking is extensive and ranges from basic to professional level . Training is provided on various modules like fault diagnostics, troubleshooting, interfacing with PLC understanding of various network topologies , writing different files devices to PLC , we make sure that every necessary topics in HMI , Drives and Networking is covered by our senior specialist so that later when candidates have to work on real live project , they are able to do it with ease. Candidates are also introduced to work on LIVE Projects on HMI , Drives and Networking to gain advance knowledge and skills.


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Course Description


      Introduction to Automation

    • Brief Description of a Control System.
    • Micro Controller, PID Controller, PLC Controller.
    • History & Need of Industrial Automation.
    • Application of Industrial Automation.
    • Basic Components of Automation.
    • Hardware Classification of Automation.
    • MODULE 2: MMI (Man Machine Interfacing)

      MMI (Man Machine Interfacing)

    • Introduction to MMI, its need
    • Operation details and fundamentals of MMI
    • Fault display in MMI, timer counter setting from MMI.
    • Interfacing with PLC

      HMI (Human Machine Interface)

    • Getting started with HMI.
    • Creating applications, creating tags.
    • Downloading and uploading Programs.
    • Creating GUI screen on the HMI.
    • Alarm Messages.
    • Communicating with PLC.
    • Fault diagnostics and Troubleshooting.
    • Working with Second PLC

    • Working with number of other PLC.
    • Hardware overview of that PLC.
    • Description of Programming language.
    • Uploading /Downloading and monitoring the program.
    • Data files in used in a PLC.
    • Interfacing with Relay.
    • Control circuit designing with feedback concept.
    • Interfacing proximity sensor with PLC.
    • Communication with PC.
    • Wiring different field device to PLC.
    • Simulator analysis of a PLC Programming. Fault finding and Troubleshooting.
    • Description of using Memory bit in a programming.
    • Mathematical & logical concept.
    • Compare and jump statement.
    • Advance control function operation.
    • Fault diagnostics and Troubleshooting.
    • Industrial Networking

    • Taking different device through network.
    • Different Networking Topologies and their importance.
    • Communicating with Nodes, Ports, drivers and Hardware.
    • DH-485, Eternet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus, Profibus, fieldBus.

      AC Drives

    • Fundamentals of AC Drive
    • Block diagram of AC drive
    • Configuration of different drives
    • Control of drive with and without PLC Various applications of AC Drive
    • Interfacing with PLC

    • Introduction To Logic Control
    • Implementation Of Gates For Control Applications
    • Switching Devices Implementation
    • Open Loop Control System
    • Close Loop Control System
    • Characteristics Of Control Systems
    • Introduction Of Sensors
    • Introduction Of Actuators Motors
    • Ac Motor
    • Dc Motor
    • Solenoid Valves
    • Introduction Of Relays Logic Control
    • Assertion
    • Functional Coverage