Why Learn Data Science? 7 Reasons to Pursue Data Science As A Career


Are you confused about the career that you must pursue after you graduate? With a plethora of career opportunities, one can become easily confused and frustrated. We generally approach our siblings and friends to guide us. I am sure that one of your friends must have suggested that you become a data scientist.

Data science is a popular profession. It is one of the top professions in the world. But do you know what makes data science a popular and sought-after profession? If you want to unravel the secrets of data science popularity, then read this blog till the end.

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What is data science?

With so much hype for data science around the world, you must have some idea of what data science is. Let us explain, in simple words, what data science is. You all must have plotted data on graphs in your mathematics or economics class back at school. You could tell by the shape of the graph whether there is an upward trend or a downward trend. You must also have given your suggestions to change or improve the situation.

This is the simplest overview of what data science is. Back at your school, you analyzed and interpreted data on a very small scale. But in the real world, there is a large volume of data that is generated every day. This data needs to be stored, organised, analysed, and interpreted to make informed decisions. Businesses around the world analyse this data to improve their products and services.

Data science is the process behind analysing large volumes of data that help organisations in creating better products and services. And not just this. Data science is the driving force behind emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. You could work in some of the most interesting and challenging fields, like deep learning, big data analytics, robotics, and much more.

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Now that you have pretty much understood what data science is, let us look at the top reasons to learn data science.

The Top Reasons To Learn Data Science

We can list enough reasons to encourage you to learn data science. Data science is an emerging field and offers various career opportunities. If you are a complete fresher and have no prior technical knowledge, then worry not. KVCH offers various offline and online courses to help students gain the necessary skills to start a career in data science. Learn about our data science course fees online and start learning today.

Now, let us look at the top reasons to learn data science. By now, you have probably guessed a few of these.

❖ High demand for data scientists

Undoubtedly, there is a great need for data scientists. It is the one profession where there is a lack of skilled professionals. Organizations across various sectors are looking for skilled and proficient data scientists who can manage and analyze their data and help them make better decisions. This is your call to pursue data science using R and start a progressive career.

❖ Career growth potential

If you want a career that offers growth opportunities, then data science is for you. Your career in data science will soar soon after you gain practical knowledge and experience. Data scientists are demanded across various industries. You can work for different organizations and boost your career.

❖ Attractive salaries

Data science offers some of the highest salary packages around the world. You can do research online for data science salaries around the world. Websites like Glassdoor and AmbitionBox can give you an overview of salaries in the data science profession. As per Indeed Salaries, average annual salaries for data scientists range from $87,256 per year to $239,170 per year.

❖ Diverse skill sets

A data scientist needs multiple skills to carry out their day to day operations. They must be adept at technical as well as soft skills. If you want to improve your overall personality and skills, then pursue data science. You will develop communication skills, analytical skills, programming skills, problem-solving skills and much more. Learn data science using R at KVCH and build a varied skill set.

❖ Job security

Corporate employees are always worried about getting fired or laid off. Data science offers high job security to employees. Data scientists are some of the most skilled and significant personnel in an organisation. Additionally, data science jobs are forecast to increase in the coming years. So, as a data scientist, you won't only enjoy a handsome salary but job security as well.

❖ Immense learning opportunities

As a data scientist, you won’t stop learning. Each data set will teach you something new. Working on different data sets will help you gain new skills, enhance your analytical skills, and make better decisions. If you switch between different industries, you will gain more insightful knowledge.

❖ Contribution to social causes

Data scientists are also contributing to social causes by working in healthcare and philanthropy. These sectors also need to analyze a huge volume of data to make decisions for the welfare of the masses. Hence, data scientists can assist governments and NGOs in making better policies for social upliftment.


At last, we are at the end of this topic. By now, you must have learned the importance of data science and why you should approach it as a career. Data science is the buzz around the world, and for a good reason. Data scientists are important personnel in an organisation who help them improve their services.

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