What Is a Salesforce Certification? Discover the Certifications To Pursue In 2024

For eight years, Salesforce has been the top CRM consistently. Its market share is 19.8%

Over 150,000 companies worldwide use Salesforce CRM. Salesforce certifications are one of the most sought-after today. The number of Salesforce-certified professionals is 73,165. They can prove most beneficial in propelling your IT career forward. Salesforce offers more than 40 certifications that can enhance your resume and give you the most in-demand skills. The price range for Salesforce certifications is $750-$6000.

The cost of obtaining a Salesforce certification in India varies between ₹6,000 and ₹500,000, depending on the chosen certification exam. A candidate will have to pay half of the exam fee again if they wish to retake it after failing it. KVCH offers Salesforce training for beginners that can help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully clear the certification exam and become a Salesforce-certified professional.

If you are overwhelmed by the many certification options, then let us help you. In this blog, we will explore some of the Salesforce certifications you can pursue in 2024.

What Is Salesforce Certification?

Salesforce certifications are industry-recognised credentials that validate your knowledge and skills in using the Salesforce platform. Earning a Salesforce certification demonstrates your expertise in specific areas of the platform, like administration, development, marketing, or consulting. This can make you a more attractive candidate to employers and help you command higher salaries.

To obtain a Salesforce certification, you need to register for the exam and pay the required fee. With the best Salesforce training online, you can easily pass the exam and earn your desired certification.

Why Invest In Salesforce Certification?

➤ Validates your skills and knowledge: Salesforce Certification makes you stand out from the competition in a crowded job market.

➤ Unlocks access to higher-paying jobs: Certified professionals command significantly higher salaries than non-certified counterparts, with an average salary increase of 11% for Salesforce certifications.

➤ Expand your network: The Salesforce ecosystem is strong and supportive, and getting certified opens doors to networking opportunities and potential job leads.

➤ Deepens your understanding of the Salesforce platform: Training for certifications equips you with valuable knowledge and practical skills in various Salesforce functionalities.

➤ Improves your problem-solving abilities: You'll learn best practices and effective strategies for tackling complex business challenges using Salesforce.

➤ Boosts your confidence: Earning a certification validates your expertise and builds confidence in your abilities, making you a more valuable asset to any team.

➤ Opens doors to career promotions: Certifications can be a stepping stone to leadership positions within your organisation or even a career switch to a different Salesforce-focused role.

➤ Enhances your brand as a Salesforce expert: Certifications add credibility and recognition to your resume and personal brand, positioning you as a sought-after professional.

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Salesforce Certifications To Pursue In 2024

Salesforce admin course

    • ➤ Salesforce admin certification is designed for those professionals who will maintain and manage an organisation’s Salesforce CRM.
    • ➤ Covers core Salesforce features like setup, user management, security, automation, reporting, and data management.
    • ➤ A stepping stone to more advanced certifications.
    • ➤ It costs $200 for the first attempt and $100 to retake.

    Salesforce advanced administrator

    • ➤ Builds upon the Salesforce admin certification, delving deeper into advanced features and functionalities.
    • ➤ Focuses on automation, customisation, data analysis, and integration with other systems.
    • ➤ Ideal for administrators who want to take their skills to the next level.
    • ➤ It costs $200 for the first attempt and $100 to retake.

    Salesforce CPQ specialist

    • ➤ Equips you with the expertise to configure and implement Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).
    • ➤ Covers product catalogues, pricing rules, quoting workflows, and integration with other Salesforce products.
    • ➤ It is valuable for professionals involved in the sales quote process.
    • ➤ It costs $200 for the first attempt and $100 to retake.

    Salesforce data architect

    • ➤ It empowers you to design and manage the data architecture for Salesforce applications.
    • ➤ Covers data modelling, data governance, data security, and integration with external data sources.
    • ➤ Essential for ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your Salesforce data.
    • ➤ It costs $400 for the first attempt and $200 to retake.

    Salesforce platform app builder

    • ➤ Validates your skills in building custom applications using the declarative tools of the Salesforce platform.
    • ➤ It focuses on Lightning Web Components, Visualforce, Process Builder, and other low-code/no-code tools.
    • ➤ Ideal for business analysts and users who want to build custom functionality without coding.
    • ➤ It costs $200 for the first attempt and $100 to retake.

    Salesforce Integration Architect

    • ➤ Provides you with skills to design, develop, and implement integrations between Salesforce and other systems.
    • ➤ Skills you will gain include understanding integration patterns, using APIs and tools like MuleSoft, and building secure and scalable integrations.
    • ➤ It costs $400 for the first attempt and $200 to retake.

    Salesforce business analyst

    • ➤ It equips you with the skills to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions on the Salesforce platform.
    • ➤ Covers requirements gathering, process analysis, solution design, and project management.
    • ➤ It is valuable for business analysts who want to work with Salesforce implementations.
    • ➤ It costs $200 for the first attempt and $100 to retake.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator

    • ➤ It equips you with skills like managing and maintaining the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.
    • ➤ It includes activities like setting up user access, configuring email sending, managing data, building email journeys, tracking analytics, and troubleshooting issues.
    • ➤ It costs $200 for the first attempt and $100 to retake.

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    Key Takeaways

    Salesforce certifications are worth investing in in 2024. These certifications validate your skills in Salesforce technologies and help you move ahead in your IT career. With the demand for Salesforce-certified professionals increasing, now is the best time to get Salesforce training for beginners and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

    Salesforce offers 40+ certifications. So, it becomes crucial that you take time to choose which certification to pursue. Select a certification that fits your desired career path. Keep in mind that Salesforce certification costs money. Therefore, prepare well with the best Salesforce training online before appearing for the exam.