What are the pros and cons of Python in Machine Learning?

What are the pros and cons of Python in Machine Learning?

The technological realm is thriving continuously at a remarkable pace. Most of the industries are executing Machine Learning algorithms in order to optimize their commodities. With the assistance of Machine Learning algorithms, companies are prepared to increase their top-line expansion and enhance procedures which in turn boosts workforce employment and consumer satisfaction.

Nowadays, Python programming language is attaining more vogue in Machine Learning projects due to its numerous characteristics. It is a high-level, general-purpose, and dynamic programming language that is not recent in the market. It has been accessible for almost thirty years.

Python programming language can be found virtually at everyplace, like web and desktop apps, machine learning, network servers, and many more.  It is primarily utilized in small project development, but now the big firms such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon Prime are also utilizing Python in implementing their projects. It is one of the rapidly thriving programming languages, and it is anticipated that Python will take over other languages such as JAVA in the upcoming year. 

There are considerable benefits of learning Python and one can enroll in Python Online Training Course to get hands-on experience.


Let’s have a look at the windfalls of Python, which exhibits that it is the promising programming language for Machine Learning:


  • It has an outstanding collection of in-built libraries: Python asserts an enormous number of in-built libraries for data mining, data manipulation, and machine learning. For example, NumPy, Scikit. Panda etc.
  •  Adequate learning Curve: Python Programming language is very convenient and manageable to understand and utilize. It concentrates on code readability. It is a versatile and well-structured language.
  •  It is a general-purpose programming language: Well, Python is an adequate preference if the project prerequisites are more than just data such as formulating a functional website.
  •  Effortless to integrate: Python programming language incorporates better than other languages in the business settings. It is simple to incorporate Python with other lower-level languages such as C, C++, or Java. Likewise, the Python-based-stack is understandable to integrate with data scientist’s work, which enables it to bring efficiency into production.
  •  Increased productivity: Syntax in Python is remarkably understandable and simple to discern similar to other programming languages, whereas other programming languages remember a different syntax. The readability syntax in Python programming language substantiates the high productivity of development teams.


Shortcomings of Python Programming Language: It is always advised to utilize the correct equipment for the project enactment. We know that a coin has two sides; likewise, Python programming language not only has advantages but there are some downsides too.

  • Insufficient speed: We know that Python is comprehended language, i.e., the code in Python is executed line by line. Thus, Python often results in sluggish performance as compared to other programming languages. The speed is not a difficulty unless it is a crucial point for the project. In another way, if high speed is not a necessity, Python services are adequate to distract us from its speed restrictions.

  •  Difficulties with threading: Python does not support threading because of Global Interpreter Lock, i.e., GIL which is a mutex; this authorizes only a sole thread to execute at a time.
  •  Not spontaneous to the mobile environment: Python is not innate in the mobile setting, and it is understood as a vulnerable language for mobile computing. Mobile settings such as Android and iOS do not support Python as an accepted programming language.
  •  Design limitations: We know that Python is a dynamically-typed language which implies that it does not compel announcing the variable type at the time of coding.
  • Underdeveloped database access layers: Python’s database access coatings are not yet expanded as compared to other widely utilized technologies such as JDBC, i.e. Java Database Connectivity and ODBC, i.e. Open Database Connectivity. Thus, it is not empirical to utilize it in substantial businesses.

Bottom Line:

Python is a high-level, comprehended, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language. Python is designed to be highly distinct. It utilizes English keywords continually whereas other languages use punctuation, and it has periodic syntactic buildings than other languages.


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