Top 5 most Demanded Career Path in 2019

Top 5 most Demanded Career Path in 2019

Sound knowledge of the concepts and functionalities are important to make a sturdy foundation in any profession. For IT students, college and academic lessons alone are not sufficient to grant the necessary experience to develop skills. The skills can only be learned with hands-on practice in IT training. Practical training is necessary for the evolvement of an individual from layman to a skilled professional.  Hands-on IT training is crucial for the students to learn the skills along with the college terms.


KVCH, the most reliable IT training Institute in Noida aims to facilitate students to expedite the opportunity to develop skills in the interested technologies. It offers umpteen hands-on IT training courses with real-time projects.  Here, students gain practical experience by working on live projects. It provides a platform to explore the skills and enhance knowledge and abilities.


The students who learn with the hands-on projects are more likely to build a secure job prospect. Here, at the training institute in Noida, are trained under the adroit mentors. The faculty here consists of the Tech Gurus having multiple years of experience in corresponding technologies.


The training company is registered with MCA and successfully rendering training and certification programs for more than 28 years.  The company has specialized labs where students can practice the real-world implications of classroom training. We have the supreme infrastructure, bestowing students’ ideal learning environment.


At KVCH, the training modules are custom-made, understanding the needs of the students. These modules are categorized in a fundamental and advanced level. The fresher and experienced candidates can opt for the course suitable for them. The candidates unable to attend on-site training can learn in an Online instructor-led IT training.


The Technologies are evolving at lightning speed, bringing new trends every day. The Industry demands candidates who keep up to date and evolve with the new technologies. It is a paramount need to upgrade with the latest technologies to procure lucrative jobs.


Here is a list of the most demanded technology in the IT field


  1. Big data Hadoop: Data analysis has become critical for every sector. Big data Hadoop is used to process and store huge chunks of data to derive useful information to make informed decisions. As per the market study, There are plenty of opportunities for certified Hadoop professionals to build a successful career.
  2. Machine Learning: Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It uses AI algorithms to construct smart machines that learn from the patterns and gather useful insights. Along with machine learning, deep learning is the latest trend, rising to a great extent. It is a great option for candidates to build a career. The training helps the candidates to acquire practical capabilities for seeking a job in top-notch companies.
  3. Python: Python is the most widely used programming language. Python is a high-level language and used to build web applications, GUI applications, and web development. The market today is completely data-driven and developers prefer python for machine learning over any other programming languages. The candidate can make the best use of training in Python to get ahead in the competition and harness to work with the professionals.
  4. Cybersecurity: There is urging the need for cybersecurity professionals in private, public companies and government agencies. Employees demand candidates with competent skills to protect data from cyber-attacks and build a defense against it. This cybersecurity training program imparts competent skills for producing highly talented and skilled professionals to keep the data-driven enterprise safe. The job market has widened for cybersecurity professionals creating ample of the job opening at various levels
  5. Data science:  Based on the study of various job-opening sites, this is the ideal time to enter the market as a data scientist. There is an accelerated demand for the data-scientists and well-paid job offers. It has been declared as the hottest job in the industry. KVCH uses the latest technologies for the development of skills and concepts of data science. We train our students to perform to the best of their abilities as the job of a data scientist is highly skill demanding.


KVCH, an impeccable training center offers IT training in the; latest technologies and a platform for the candidates to upgrade their skills by working under the certified and experienced professionals  The best IT training center in Noida assists the students to get placed in the top organizations and capture best employment opportunities.