Who is an HR Generalist?

An HR generalist is usually the first HR to employ any corporation. As the job designation implies, this is an individual with an extensive spectrum of commitments rather than a specialized line of job. The HR generalist accordingly wraps most of the HR purposes, encompassing employing, payment and advantages, HR leadership, and distinct assignments.

As corporations prosper, HR departments allocate HR Generalist responsibilities into numerous assignments with subject matter specialists taking over each of these areas.

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What Does an HR Generalist Do?

Every corporation has slightly varied commitments, and some of the data will change from nation to nation. Here is a list of the commitments an HR Generalist could possess.

  1. Recruiting

Every corporation desires an individual to enroll and onboard fresh aspirants. In some small firms, managers may regulate this on their own, but it often falls to the HR Generalist. Recruiting duties include:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Performing screening interviews
  • Executive work regarding scheduling interviews with the hiring team
  • Putting together an employment offer
  • Notifying the salary negotiations
  • Administering a background check
  • Managing the employee onboarding process
  • Complying with all relevant laws regarding reporting and records retention
  • Fulfilling as an advisor to hiring managers


Because recruiting is so apparent, and every worker goes through this procedure, many people correlate HR with recruiting. This is one of the justifications the whole recruiting system is critical — it’s not just who industries engage but who accomplishes the hiring. Incompetent hiring processes mean an HR generalist won’t be counted on to supervise the rest of his/her duties.

  1. Employee Relations

Next to recruiting, this is possibly the most noticeable assignment of an HR Generalist. Employee relations entails all the day to day processes of supervising the people side of industries.

Employee relations constitutes the following activities:

  • Management training. HR should be the professional in manager/employee relations and in training managers on how to provide feedback, how to appoint increases, and how to prevent disputes of interest
  • Discrimination/harassment investigations. If someone makes a sexual approach, you directly report that to the HR Generalist. She or he then executes an investigation and decides regarding how the company should proceed. HR Generalists manage sexual harassment, gender discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, and national origin discrimination claims with full evidence on his/her side.
  • Malfeasance investigations. Not all misconduct falls under harassment. Everything from theft to violence to generalized legal vulgarity falls under worker relations to investigate. 
  • Performance growth plans. HR generalists work with managers to develop these plans, and HR is accountable for making sure the plan is appreciative of all related laws, including ones regarding race, gender, and age. An HR generalist should be familiar with what happens across the organization and can help ensure that similarly situated employees are treated equally.
  • Firing employees. While the direct manager should be the person who says, “Your employment is discontinued and today is your last day the HR generalist should be present as a backing and a bystander. It is not accurate on the part of the Managers to terminate an employee without first consulting the HR.
  • Conducts exit conferences. When employees vacate the organization, the employee relations person should sit down to communicate why they are leaving. This information should be utilized to help enhance the organization not to punish the leaving employee.
  • Collective bargaining and unionized workforce negotiations. The HR generalist can also play a part in overseeing united bargaining and being the negotiator between the employer and the employee work council and trade unions.

How to become a successful HR Generalist?

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An HR Generalist deals with all things concerning the employees working in the organization. Because the responsibilities are so mixed it’s a job that will never be exhausting. A promising HR generalist can set the rhythm for the corporation, and guarantee legal observance. It’s a significant portion of the foundation of HR in any company until the firm rises to the juncture that it can assist professionals.