Python vs JAVA-Battle of the Best Programming Language for Machine Learning.

One can barely assert the term ‘machine learning’ without conjuring up images of arcane mathematics, powerful algorithms, and cutting-edge technologies. And these are indeed distinct in the field of Machine Learning.

Given all this, it isn’t startling that there’s been an expansion in the number of machine learning jobs and the excitement for them in the prominent intuition. There are two crucial competitors, Python vs. Java for machine learning.


Comparison Factors:

What is the difference between Python & Java?

Both languages have similarities and disparities which makes it riskier to choose one out of the two. The most widespread question asked by the programmers is that if Python is better than Java. So, let’s begin the comparison and find out the winner in Java vs Python.

  1. Speed: In terms of speed, Java is faster than Python as it is a compiled language. It takes limited time to implement code. Whereas Python is an interpreted language and it specifies the category of data at run time which makes it slower comparatively.
  2. Code: Java is very long as compared to Python. It takes 10 lines of code to read from a file in Java. Whereas it only takes 2 lines of code in Python. This makes Python a more preferable language.
  3. Practical Agility: Java appreciates more undeviating refactoring assistance than python thanks to its static type system and universality of IDE’s in development. It is more distinguished for mobile and web applications. Whereas Python has always had a presence in the talent space and is contemplated to be the most acceptable language for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and a lot more.


Why is Python best suited for machine learning?

  • Python is Easy to Use

Nobody likes excessively complicated things and so the ease of using Python is one of the main reasons why it is so popular for Machine Learning. It is easy with an effortlessly readable syntax and that makes it well-loved by both seasoned developers and experimental students. The simplicity of Python means that developers can focus on actually solving the Machine Learning problem rather than spend all their time understanding just the technical nuances of the language.

  • Python has numerous Libraries and Frameworks

Python is already quite popular and consequently, it has hundreds of different libraries and frameworks that can be used by developers. These libraries and frameworks are really useful in saving time which in turn makes Python even more popular

  • Python is Handy and Extensible

This is an important reason why Python is so popular in Machine Learning. A lot of cross-language operations can be performed easily on Python because of its portable and extensible nature.

Basic Differences




  1. Java is a compiled language.
  1. Python is an Interpreted Language.
  1. Object-Oriented Programming Language.

2. Scripting Language.

  1. Java is Statically Typed

3. Python is Dynamically Typed

Bottom Line:

Now with this, we come to an end of this comparison on Java vs Python. We observed that Python has a slight edge over Java and wins the battle in most of the factors. So, if you have read this, you might have a clear idea about which programming language is better and which one you should opt for.

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