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 Get to know about Java

Java is a general-purpose programming language used for web development. This is the most popular and widely used language among software developers. This is the most used language, particularly for client-server web applications. This programming language was developed at sun Microsystems by James Gosling and released in the year 1991. There is a continuous demand for Java developers in the industry and anyone can become proficient in this language by joining this best Java training in Noida. The candidate can get trained with real-time projects and start a career in this domain.


Features of Java


  • Secure: This programming language is secure as it converts the codes into byte code that are unable to read by humans. It runs the programs in the sandbox that prohibits any activities from any non-reliable sources.


  • Portable: This language is platform independent which indicates that the applications created for one platform are able to post to another platform without any difficulty.


  • Dynamic: the performance of applications built with java is increased as this language prevents the wastage of memory. It is due to the reason that Java is able to adapt to a new and evolving environment with dynamic memory allocation.


  • High Performance: Java uses a bytecode that can be converted into machine code very easily. Java has a high performing ability by using JIt compilers.


Applications of Java


  • Android application development: Most of the application for Android is developed using Java with Google android application programming interfaces.


  • Development of web applications: This programming language is used to build applications for many sectors such as healthcare, insurance, government. Gmail is one of its finest examples.


  • Software tools: There are many software development tools that are developed using Java.


Java is one of the most popular languages and the popularity of this language is not going to decrease in the near future. There is a constant need for Java developers as it is used by many huge organizations in their back end development. Candidates who want to build a career in this field can get best Java Training Institute in Noida with live projects.  We provide best java training in Noida and train students in the high labs based on latest technology.