Know Basics About Big Data Hadoop Before You Join The Training

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open-source framework that was built to make it effortless to work with big data. It delivers a technique to access data that is circulated among considerable massed computers, processes the data, and organizes resources across the computing and network resources that are involved. Hadoop also is often utilized interchangeably with “big data,” but it shouldn’t be. Hadoop is a framework for operating with big data. It is a component of the big data ecosystem, which contains much more than Hadoop itself.

Hadoop is a distributed framework that makes it clearer to process large data sets that occupy in clusters of computers. Because it is a framework, Hadoop is not an individual technology or product. Rather, Hadoop is composed of four core modules that are benefited by a large ecosystem of supporting technologies and products.

Requirements to Learn Hadoop

  • Understanding with some fundamental Linux Command – Hadoop is set up over the Linux Operating System suitable Ubuntu. So one must know specific crucial Linux commands.
  • Essential Java concepts – people wanting to understand Hadoop can get started in Hadoop while simultaneously discerning basic concepts of Java. We can write maps and curtail functions in Hadoop using other languages too. And these are Python, Perl, C, Ruby, etc. This is possible via streaming API. It assists reading from standard input and writing to standard output.

Why Hadoop?

Let us now understand why Big Data Hadoop is very prominent, why Apache Hadoop captures more than 80% of the big data market.

Apache Hadoop is not only a storage system but is an outlet for data storage as well as processing. It is scalable.

The following traits of Hadoop make it a distinct platform:

  • Resilient to reserve any type of data whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. It is not confined by a sole schema.
  • Exceeds at processing data of a complicated nature. Its scale-out architecture divides workloads across many nodes. Another added benefit is that its flexible file-system excludes ETL bottlenecks.
  • Measures economically, it can deploy on commodity hardware. Apart from this, its open-source character defends against vendor lock.

Hadoop Future Scope

There is going to be a huge investment in the Big Data industry in the coming year. The pressure for Hadoop resources will also rise. Learning Apache Hadoop will give you quickened growth in your career. It also tends to improve your pay package.

There is a lot of void between the supply and demand of Big Data professionals. The skill in Big Data technologies continues to be in high demand. This is because companies evolve as they try to get the most out of their data. Accordingly, their salary package is quite high as compared to specialists in other technology.


KVCH provides the best Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida


Obtain future-ready, understand how to check the strength closed up in Big Data utilizing Hadoop


  • Get a deeper insight into several Big Data frameworks
  • Hands-on learning on Big data Analytics with Hadoop
  • Projects related to banking, governmental sectors, e-commerce websites, etc
  • Learn to pull out data with Hadoop MapReduce utilizing HDFS, Pig, Hive, etc.
  • Upgrade your career in the field of Big data
  • Get Free E-learning Access to 100+ courses


What will you learn at KVCH’s Big Data Analytics Training in Noida?

1. Learn the fundamentals: Know what Big Data is and gain an in-depth understanding of Big Data concepts and methods.

2. Efficient data extraction: Discover to Process big data sets with Big Data equipment to take out information from disparate origins.

3. MapReduce: Learn about MapReduce, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), YARN, and how to write MapReduce code.

4. Debugging techniques

5. Hadoop frameworks: Learn how to use Hadoop frameworks like Sqoop, Flume, among other projects.

6. Real-world analytics: Perform real-world analytics by learning advanced Hadoop API topics with KVCH’s Big Data Hadoop Training and Certification.

Advantages of getting Big Data Hadoop Training course at KVCH includes:

  • Learn Big Data Hadoop with KVCH’s Instructor-Led Live Classroom. KVCH’s coaches are industry specialists and deliver hands-on learning.
  • KVCH’s Big Data Hadoop Course Designed by Industry Experts. KVCH’s course is always current and updated with the latest tech advancements. Through KVCH’s Big Data Training- Learn Through Doing! Learn theory supported by empirical case studies, exercises, and coding practice. Get abilities and information that can be effectively involved.
  • KVCH’s Hadoop Corporate Training is mentored by Industry leaders. Learn from the best in the field. KVCH’s mentors are all experienced professionals in the fields they teach.
  • KVCH’s Big Data Course ranges to-Basics and Advanced. Learn concepts from the beginning, and progress your learning through step-by-step direction on tools and methods.
  • In KVCH’s Big Data Hadoop classes in Noida get code reviews by Professionals.