Guaranteed career growth with COGNOS training and certification in Noida

Today many corporate companies are using the internet to store, process, maintain and share their data. With technological advancement, it has become important for companies to use business intelligence tools to analyze the data and create valuable reports. One of the leading BI software is Cognos. Today most of the companies, be it large or medium, are making full use of Cognos software that helps them in data aggregation and in developing user-friendly detailed reports. Nowadays it has become really important for the candidates to take up COGNOS training for better career opportunities.


Cognos is a business intelligence tool by IBM that is used by the companies to create fascinating visualizations and dashboards. Cognos uses various latest technologies that make the analysis much simpler and focuses only on the goal. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help the analysis to stay on the right track and helps in discovering and understanding the patterns. One of the best features is of using Cognos is sharing. Users can share their reports with multiple users in diverse formats. Moreover, automation and built-in intelligence help in reducing the time for data preparation. Cognos helps a non-technical user to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports. COGNOS Course helps the user in understanding this online-based business intelligence platform in a much better way.

The Cognos corporate suites include various frameworks that are dedicated to specific work. Mentioned-below are the main tools provided in the suite:


  • IBM Cognos Query Studio
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio
  • IBM Cognos Analysis Studio
  • IBM Cognos Event Studio
  • IBM Cognos Metric Studio
  • IBM Cognos Powerplay Transformer
  • IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • IBM Cognos Planning


Cognos Analytics offers 30 different products to its users that comprise of dashboarding, reporting, analytics, scorecards, and, data integration. Today there are various companies, like Nike, British Airways, Lufthansa Cargo, that are using Cognos in their day-to-day working. Many corporates are even indulging in the process of corporate training to make their employees up-to-date with the latest technologies. COGNOS training in Noida is best for corporate as well as prospective employees to enhance their employability options.