8 Ways Employee Training and Development Boosts Productivity

When employees receive the training they need (and want), companies are 17% more productive - Gallup

Employee training and development have become a lucrative way to boost overall business productivity. Organisations are waking up to the significance of providing employees with development opportunities. As per Forbes, organisations that invest in employee training programs yield 218% higher income per employee than those without formalised training.

Let us explore how an employee training and development program will help you boost your workforce’s productivity. But first, let us look at what staff training and development are.

What is employee training and development?

Employee training and development programs generally consist of tasks and activities that impart technical and non-technical skills to employees. The primary motive behind these programs is to make an employee aware of their job duties, the skills they must have, and company goals. These programs also bridge the gap between an employee’s existing skills and the skills required as per industry norms.

An organisation can choose from the various modes of training and development. They can hire the services of a corporate training company to provide a customised training program. The training instructors can provide in-person training sessions or choose online mode.

How Staff Training And Development Programs Increase Productivity?

59% of employees think training directly improves their performance - SurveyMonkey

Employee training and development programs have proven to increase the productivity of employees. Employees themselves believe that their performance improves when they get on-the-job training opportunities. Let us look at some ways staff training and development programs are boosting employee productivity.

❖ Enhances skills and knowledge

A blend of technical and soft skills is necessary to perform duties effectively. When employees receive training, they acquire new skills for doing their job effectively. They learn new tools and ways of finishing a task. This not only increases productivity but also leads to cost-effective ways of doing work.

❖ Boost satisfaction

Your employees won’t be satisfied with their work if they lack the proper knowledge and skills to complete a task. They will find the work a burden and think that they are not good enough for the task. That is why corporate training programs can help increase their satisfaction by building the right skills. According to Research.com, 68% of employees prefer to learn or train in the workplace.

❖ Employee Retention

As per Built In, 45% of employees are more likely to stay in their role if they receive more training. Employee satisfaction is directly related to the efforts of an employer in their training and development. If your employee feels that you are not bothered by their growth, they will find someone who is. If you want to retain your best employees, then consider investing in staff training and development programs.

❖ Performance-based culture

Employee training programs promote a healthy, performance-based culture. When your employees get training for new skills, they ensure that they implement them in their work methods. This way, they improve their work efficiency and encourage a performance-based culture.

❖ Prepares employees for promotion

An employee training and development program prepares employees who are looking forward to higher posts and more responsibilities. These programs impart the necessary technical and non-technical skills to take on more challenging roles. These programs also instill a feeling of confidence and loyalty in the hearts of employees. They feel that the organisation thinks about their future and growth.

❖ Reduces errors and mistakes

When your employees have all the skills and knowledge needed to perform a task, the chances of errors and mistakes reduce automatically. Your employees will perform the task with the utmost precision and in the shortest amount of time possible. This will increase their work efficiency and overall business productivity.

❖ Supports innovation

Training and development porgrams are the perfect way to increase creativity among employees. This fosters an environment for innovative solutions. When your employees come up with creative and innovative solutions, your business productivity will soar.

❖ Confidence and morale

When your employees are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to perform a job, they are more confident in their abilities. They work with more enthusiasm and zeal. They are more likely to take the initiative and be proactive. This often leads to more productivity.

Boost Your Business Productivity With KVCH

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” Henry Ford

The above quote by Henry Ford perfectly signifies the importance of employee training and development. Employees feel valued and important when their employer invests in their growth. Their productivity and efficiency are directly related to how satisfied they are with their workplace. Training and development programs increase the confidence of employees and make them feel valued.

If you want to retain your employees for a long time and increase your business productivity, then you must invest significantly in their training and development. KVCH, a training and development company, provides customised corporate training programs to organisations of varied sizes. Connect with us, and let us craft a customised training and development program for your organisation. Make your employees feel seen and valued, which will skyrocket your business productivity.

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