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Angularjs is an open source framework that is maintained by Google. It is used for front end development of single page applications. Angular 7 is used to create modern-day dynamic websites. It allows developers to change static HTML to a dynamic one. This framework is popular among the developers as it has features like dependency injection and dynamic binding that eliminates the need to write unnecessary codes. Today many big organizations like PayPal,Netflix, and YouTube are using Angularjs to build single pages and dynamic website. To get in-depth knowledge in this domain you should join 4/6 weeks summer industrial training in Angular.

There is a growing demand in the market for Angularjs developers by the organization to build dynamic applications. KVCH offers AngularJS training and certification in Noida under the guidance of the industry experts. The students get fundamentals as well as advanced knowledge of all the concept of Angularjs. We have experienced professionals rendering summer industrial training in Angularjs. Angularjs training consists of live-projects based hands-on training based on the latest technology.  This technology keeps updating, our expert trainers are up to date with the recent updates and provide students the real industrial exposure with practical implementation.

summer training in angular is very crucial and open doors to new opportunities for the candidates for a bright and successful future. We ensure to develop the necessary set of skills to enter the market as a certified angular professional. After completing 4/6 weeks summer industrial training in Angularjs, all the students are provided with a globally recognized course completion certificate along with 100% placement assistance.


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Course Description

      1. Introduction

    • Introduction to AngularJS
    • Uses of AngularJS
    • Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework
    • Write your first program in Angular JS
    • Comparison between JavaScript Frameworks
    • 2. Dependency Injection and Controllers

    • Creating Controllers
    • Two Way Binding
    • Sharing data between Controllers
    • Inheritance
    • Dependency Injection
    • 3. Route, Directive and Filters

    • Why use Routes
    • Creating Routes
    • Nested Routes
    • Directives
    • Filters
    • Creating Directives and Filters
    • 4. Creating Custom Directives and Filters

    • Custom Directives
    • Why Custom Directives
    • Creating and Using Custom Directives
    • Custom Filters
    • Creating and Using Custom Filters
    • 5. Third Party AngularJS Modules and Testing Angular

    • Modules & its necessities
    • Usage of angular-ui
    • Usage of ng-grid
    • Usage of angular-translate and Testing AngularJS
    • 6. AngularJS with Node.js, Yeoman and Rest Exposure

    • Introduction to Node.js
    • Introduction to Yo Generator
    • Bower, Rest Exposure
    • Web Sockets and Push Notification