6 Weeks Industrial Summer Training in C and C++ in Noida

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In today’s scenario, every company has an IT team, to manage the technical requirements. Computer programmers are getting paid very high salaries in the market. If you want to build a lucrative career as a programmer, apart from a bachelor’s degree, you need to get training for specialization in the preferred programming languages. You can join 6 weeks industrial summer training in C & C++.

C is a general-purpose programming language developed by Bell Labs in 1972. This programming language has features of both low level and high-level language. It is one of the widely used and most popular programming languages among programmers. It allows developers to build portable languages and ideal to develop firmware applications. To get in-depth knowledge, you can get summer training in C language.

C++ is an extension of C language and also contains features of Simula67. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup and first appeared in the year 1985. It has languages of high and low -level language. Today it is highly used language by the developers to develop compilers, games, GUI applications, and desktop applications. You can become a proficient programmer by learning by getting the best C++ summer industrial training in Noida.

It is suggested by the experts to learn C and C++ language as their first programming language. KVCH is an eminent training provider and renders best C & C++ training in Noida. We provide Live-project based training in C & C++ under the guidance of expert industry experts. Students will get basic as well as advanced levels of C and C++ and get hands-on training on the real-time projects. Our trainers provide students with necessary industrial exposure while training to pursue a successful career. We provide a globally recognized certificate to all the students and guaranteed placement assistance after the completion of 6 weeks of summer industrial training in C & C++.


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Course Description

    • A Quick Overview of C
    • Why we use C
    • Purpose of header file.
    • Meaning of common syntax in C
    • A Very Simple Program
    • Writing the Program
    • Compiling the Program
    • Running the Program
    • Constant and Variable Types
    • Variables
    • Variable Names
    • Global Variables
    • Static Variables
    • Constants
    • Arrays
    • Expressions and Operators
    • Assignment Statement
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Type conversion
    • Comparison
    • Logical Connectors
    • Bitwise operator
    • Control Statements
    • Functions in C
    • Arrays
    • String handling
    • Input and Output
    • Handling Files in C
    • Structures
    • The C Preprocessor
    • Pointers
    • Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
    • Moving from C to C++
    • Data Types,Operators and Expressions
    • Control Flow
    • Arrays and Strings
    • Modular Programming with functions
    • Structures and Unions
    • Pointers and runtime binding
    • Classes and Objects
    • Object Intialization and cleanup
    • Dynamic Objects
    • Inheritance
    • Virtual Functions
    • Generic Programming with templates
    • File Handling
    • Exception Handling